HANA as a secondary database, what is possible what is not

HANA as a secondary database, what is possible what is not
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It has become 4 years since I first met HANA in CodeJam İstanbul January 2014. From that time i have discovered many capabilities of HANA especially when it is located as seconday database. Unfortunately my company have neither upgraded to S4HANA nor position HANA as primary database. Therefore in order to take advantage of HANA , i researched all options that i can make use. Let me order some of the possible/impossible usage scenarios of HANA when it’s an accelerator(secodary database) from an ABAP’ers perspective. I will go into details of each in the following posts.


Top-Down Approach

  1. ADBC -> Possible
  2. Native SQL -> Possible
  3. Open SQL with HANA Connection string -> Possible
  4. CDS view with HANA Connection string -> Possible
  5. AMDP -> Not Possible

Buttom-Up Approach

  1. HANA Stored Procedure call with ABAP Procesure Proxy -> Not Possible
  2. HANA View call with ABAP external views -> Not Possible

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