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DYNPRO_FIELD_CONVERSION occurs in dialog screen

This type of runtime error occurs when dictionary element and screen element do not match each other. For instance you have a 5-digit length integer variable in your program and you define 3 digit screen element, that will cause a short dump in SAP system. Because the system will try to cast variable but can not as it is over the casting limit.

‘SQL error 60 when accessing table’ run time error

You can see this type of run time errors under DBIF_RSQL_SQL_ERROR. The main cause for this run time error is database system goes into deadlock situation while waiting resource. A deadlock situation occurs if a database transaction is blocked when it requests a database lock but it already has another lock. I know this explanation is very complicated. Now I will try to explain this with a simple example i have experienced lately.

‘RABAX occurred on server side’ error when calling webservice

As the post name implies this error mostly caused by a syntax error in SAP system which publishes the related webservice. In that case just enter into ABAP Runtime Error transaction. There you will see a detailed explanation about your runtime error. Many reasons can cause syntax errors but as my experience you should mostly suspect about request transportation issues if you come up this error in a target SAP system lets say in Production environment.