Month: March 2014

sap operating system monitor

The operating system monitor analyzes the hardware bottlenecks and operating system problems.In SAP you can reach this tool from Tools->Administration->Monitor->Performance->Operating System or directly from transaction OS07N.

selection screen custom button

Except execute button which is implemented as default you can add new buttons to status of selection screen. In order to achieve this you must define a selection screen Function Key. Here is a code snippet to add a button to selection screen and write a condition to implement a callback routine.

useful sap xi tables

In ABAP stack of sap xi ,you can directly access records by tables. Most of these records can be reachable from transactions. Here is a small list of most used sap xi tables. SMPPREL3: Table for end-to-end information. This table…

activate external breakpoints in sap system

In order to activate external debugging there are two ways.From SE80, open Utilities->ABAP Editor->Debugging , then enter username that you want to debug externally( it must be a dialog user) . After this click External break-point button in your ABAP editor where you want to put your break-point.

sap command line codes

Following command line codes are very helpful for everybody that is logging on a SAP system. writing in SAP command line To call a transaction in the same session (window) Enter: /nxxxx (xxxx = transaction code). in the same session…

SUBMIT command versions

In ABAP , if you want to directly execute a report from another program ,you can use . Using submit you can also create dynamic background jobs, call a report with its selection screen parameters, export and import a list,call…