useful sap xi tables

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In ABAP stack of sap xi ,you can directly access records by tables. Most of these records can be reachable from transactions. Here is a small list of most used sap xi tables.

SMPPREL3: Table for end-to-end information. This table contains the information about interfaces, like sender (party, service, interface and namespace) and receiver (party, service, interface and namespace) as well as information on maps..
SMPPMAP3: Table to store maps and mapping program relations.This table contains the detailed information on maps (XSLT, JAVA, ABAP, Message etc).
SXMSPMAST2 : Master table for runtime information on XML messages.
SXMSPFADDRESS: Contains address id for party, service, interface, namespace combination.
SXMSPFRAWH: Runtime performance table for successful messages.
SXMSPERRO2: Store information on error messages in XI.
SXMSMSTAT: Exchange Infrastructure: Message Status. Here we can find the description of all icons used in SXMB_MONI and XI.
SXMSWSCONFIG: XI: Configuration Information for Web Services.
SXMS_AE_AUDITCNF: this table contains the Adapter Runtime Data like Product, Type(Adapter/Module) and Technical Key for the product.
SXADDRTYPE: Here we can find SAP Connect Address Types like Communication Methods, type of address.
SMMW_ALERTS: Alerts Information like Alert Component, Alert Name, User Name, Source System, Alert Timestamp and Processing Time etc.

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