code inspector pseudo codes

When working in an SAP system with code inspector activated ,you have to get rid of your code inspector errors.But there are cases that you have to discard Code Inspector checks , and specify your excuse. Here is a small list of favorite excuse codes. For the full list you can explore ABAP_SLIN_PRAGMAS report.

(“#EC NO WHERE) write a select statement without a where condition
(“#EC NOTEXT) indicates that a string does not have to be stored as a text element
(“#EC CALLED) indicates that a FORM has a PERFORM call
(“#EC NEEDED) no messages are output about a field that is only read
(“#EC NOBREAK) no messages are sent at BREAK-POINTs
(“#EC TRANSLANG) specifies that the use of TOUPPER or TOLOWER is also safe in multilingual systems.
(“#EC SYNTCHAR) specifies that the data TOUPPER or TOLOWER is used on contains only characters from the syntactical character set.

Tip Box
If you dont want to define it specifically you can also write “#EC * .

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