SAP-PRESS book recommandation

Today i want to make a book recommandation. It is SAP Performance Optimization Guide from SAP-Press.I am working on this book for a month and find it very useful then wanted to share this.

As it appears from the name ,it includes many tips about SAP performance monitoring,maintenance and recovery. Doing these things it also gives many information SAP architecture and concepts. After reading this book you will understand that you have many hearsay information about SAP terms.

The main topics that this book covers are the following.

  • Performance Management of an SAP Solution
  • Analysis of Hardware, Database, and ABAP Application Server
  • Workload Analysis
  • Identifying Performance Problems in ABAP Programs
  • Hardware Sizing and System and Load Distribution
  • Memory Management
  • Load Distribution and Remote Function Calls
  • SAP GUI and Internet Connection
  • Locks
  • Optimizing Java Virtual Machine and Java Programs
  • Optimizing SQL Statements
  • SAP Buffering
  • Optimizing Queries in SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse
  • Optimizing Search Queries Using TREX
  • Optimizing Database Queries with SAP HANA

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