mass cancel EO error messages from inbound queue

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While getting PI messages into SAP system we got many erroneus message queues in SMQ2. All these messages are EO type messages. ( For EOIO case refer delete eoio messages from queue). In that cases SAP lets you to navigate into the SXMB_MONI screen and also allow you to reprocess the message .But for my case the message can not be reprocessed because it was getting an application error which is  not caused by application but the message itself. However for these cases you also have an option to cancel message by ‘Cancel Processing of Messages with Errors’ button.
Because of the number of queues, i started to find a mass program to delete SXMB_MONI asynchronous messages. RSXMB_CANCEL_MESSAGES is designed totally for these purpose. It has the following selection-screen. You can run the report in ‘Test’ mode or you can directly execute by unchecking ‘Test’ option.


After cancelling error messages in SXMB_MONI , now you can activate your queues with the help of RSQIWKEX for inbound messages. RSQIWKEX is the outbound version of the same report with the same functionality.

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