delete EOIO messages from queue

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Last time i have written a post about cancelling erroneus EO messages . Now what if the same problem occurs for EOIO type messages. Actually this case is worse as the first error message in queue leads messages to stop. Like for the EO messages you also have an option to cancel message by ‘Cancel Processing of Messages with Errors’.
By this time everything seems OK ,but this is not the full case. The worst part for our scenario is the messages send by client side is over 100.000 and besides i know that like the first message rest 99.999 message will certainly get the same error.
Upon this , i had to delete all the messages in EOIO queue by report RSQIWKEX which has a corresponding out bound version of RSQOWKEX. RSQIWKEX has the following simple screen and after executing report you will be able to delete messages by the button at the end of page.


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