create variant for reuse alv reports and REUSE_ALV_VARIANT_F4 usage

For alv reports users can create alv variants and use them later. In order to achieve this alv variants can be supplied from selection-screen. Users can create and save their user-specific variant stating with ‘A’ to ‘Z’ characters and for standard variants that can be used by all users in the system starting with ‘/’ character.

You can use ‘Save Layout’ button to create and save your variant.

alv variant creation

In selection screen of ABAP alv reports , you can choose your specific variant or from the standard variants that have already been created.  Hence REUSE_ALV_GRID_DISPLAY will pick selected variant and bring list with specified design thanks to REUSE_ALV_VARIANT_F4.Below is the code for search help of reuse alv variant.

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