import an external request to your SAP system

Think that you have a request that was not generated in your SAP system , lets say the request is containing an SAP add-on developed by a third company. Request name must have a format like <development_system_name>K<XXXXXX> where X is a numeric character.

Before explaining how you can export requests i want to datafile and cofile concepts.You can reach physical files for datafile and cofiles by navigating /usr/sap/trans->data and /usr/sap/trans->cofiles in AL11 respectively.

  • K<XXXXXX>.<development_system_name> Cofile : it doesn’t contain much data, it has the attributes of the data file stored in it. Command or change request information files that include information on the transport type, object classes, required import steps, and post-processing exit codes
  • R<XXXXXX>.<development_system_name> Datafile : This contains the actual data for the Transport – what changes will be made in your system.

In order to import an external request ,you must have the files mentioned above. They can be acquired after downloading them to your local from another SAP system .Following steps should be followed for full cycle of export/import of a request.

  • Download SAP request cofile from source system into your local


  • Download SAP request datafile from source system into your local


  • Upload SAP request cofile from local to your target system


  • Upload SAP request datafile from local to your target system


  • Import request into SAP transport queue

Enter into your target system queue
Navigate to Extras->Other Request->Add


Finally with truck icon import your request into target system and specified client


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