‘Exception condition “RESOURCE_FAILURE” raised’ error in parallel processing

I have mentioned about parallel processing in parallel processing strategy-1 and parallel processing strategy-2 posts. In order to prevent resource problems in parallel processing I had offered a custom code which is checking system resources for each new parallel function call.
If you do not put any check in your program it can cause a resource failure which finally causes a runtime exception. You will see runtime exception with short text ‘Exception condition “RESOURCE_FAILURE” raised’. If you examine ABAP call stack you are going to see that runtime error occured in SPBT_PARALLEL_PROCESSING. This function module is called by system automatically when you make an implementation of parallel processing with CALL FUNCTION Z_PARALLEL_FUNC STARTING NEW TASK for details refer RFC types. It finds a server with enough resources and calls your custom function module in that server.
For a solution of this problem i offered to use Z_CHECK_RESOURCES that i had explained in parallel processing strategy-2 post. You should use it before calling your Z_PARALLEL_FUNC ,thus you will be safe about system resources to call each parallel process.

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