Month: September 2014

export spool list with many pages in SM37

When you call a list screen your report generates a downloadable report after execution. This report seems as a spool list if you run your program in background. There are two ways to generate a list screen. First one is using WRITE command and the second one is using REUSE_ALV_GRID_DISPLAY which serves to output internal table as an ALV list.

hidden exception choice for handling error messages in function modules

There exists standard functions in SAP system that give directly error messages. If you call one of these function modules and fall in an exception case then your program exits execution and shows error message. But what if you execute this function in a loop and do not want the program to terminate but continue with the next cycle. Besides you may be scheduling your program as a background job and you will just see a cancelled job status.

execution of a dialog step

Do you wonder how an SAP dialog step is executed.That is when you push a button on a screen or when you call an RFC based webservice, the following steps are executed and response is returned either to GUI or to external client.

find biggest number for a certain business object

SAP users need certain critical information about SAP objects while extracting data with reports. For example today one ask me what is the biggest number for installation object in SAP. First i know that installation main data is hold in EANL with the key of ANLAGE field. But how to determine the biggest number for an installation. Actually there are many ways.

‘Extended job selection’ in SM37

Sometimes we need extra search criteria for job selection. For this purpose we use ‘Extended Job Selection’ button in SM37. If you want to directly go into this functionality you can use SM37C. This transaction helps us to search jobs according to many criteria like start date/time, ABAP program name, periods , time interval which the jobs was active and so on.