Sometimes we need extra search criteria for job selection. For this purpose we use ‘Extended Job Selection’ button in [su_tooltip style=”dark” content=”transaction”]SM37[/su_tooltip]. If you want to directly go into this functionality you can use [su_tooltip style=”dark” content=”transaction”]SM37C[/su_tooltip]. This transaction helps us to search jobs according to many criteria like start date/time, ABAP program name, periods , time interval which the jobs was active and so on.

Now i will tell you a reasonable usage for extended job selection. Think that your SAP system must be shut down because of a planned activity. Due to shut down all background jobs will be cancelled and must be restarted manually. How can you determine which jobs should be maintained manually. The easiest way for this is usage of extended job selection with ‘Job was active in following time interval’ option. Checking this option and giving yesterday( supposing you have daily periodic jobs) and related time interval , you can specify the necessary jobs that must be restarted manually for the planned shut down of SAP system.

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Keep in mind that you can use [su_tooltip style=”dark” content=”standard tables”]TBTCO and TBTCP[/su_tooltip] in order to get related data about background jobs executed in SAP system.[/su_box]


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