Month: December 2014

add GOS attachment button to table maintenance screen

As i mentioned in attach GOS document to business objects post , GOS objects provides a pretty useful way to integrate SAP programs with office tools. Customer is always eager to make use of office tools in their ABAP programs. Therefore developers should provide the easiest access to these tools in their custom programs.

EOIO for sender ABAP proxy, namely create queue for outbound asynchronous messages

For inbound messages coming to our SAP system ,we can make SAP/XI to put messages in serialized queues by configuring QOS parameter of communication channel objects on SAP/XI system. Thanks to this ability, messages coming to SAP from external systems are processed in order after reaching SAP. Arriving messages are processed in SMQ2 queues with the name that had been determined in SAP/XI.

read SM37 logs of background jobs

Recently i had a requirement to trigger a background job from my custom program. Background job had a standard SAP report as step and report was processing a business logic. After this business process has been completed after execution of background job, system creates an application log in SM37. I needed to read this log , because some times background job was failing because of a business problem like lock situations. I have used BP_JOBLOG_READ to achieve this requirement. You can adapt below code according to your requirement.

TEXT_CONVERT_XLS_TO_SAP can not upload excel file because of long directory path

Today we have got an interesting excel upload error from an end user. An SAP program expects upload of an excel file from a network shared folder using TEXT_CONVERT_XLS_TO_SAP. With ALSM_EXCEL_TO_INTERNAL_TABLE we also faced the same problem.After research on issue we understood that the reason why the system can not convert excel into internal table is the long path name of file. SAP has limited 128 characters for path including file name. But client says we can not change our Network shared folder structure.

transport SO10 standard text objects

In smartforms and sapscript technologies standard texts are used for outputting fixed texts like company information, address or other templates. These standard texts are created from SO10 transaction. But when these objects are created , they are not automatically included in transport requests. you have to externally include these objects into workbench requests which should be development correction/repair type request.

SAP HANA as a secondary database

After SAP has introduced HANA , i could finally had a chance to explore it. As a soft switch to HANA technology , companies can make use of HANA as a second database. Because it will not bring too much effort to switch HANA but will gain many profit. Following are the reasons why i think HANA as a secondary database is very efficient.