table maintenance with time-sliced data

If you have ever seen, there are many tables with time-sliced data in SAP. As a general rule these tables consist of a beginning and an end date which one of them is defined as a primary key in the table. Sometimes you need this kind of custom Z table and want to create maintenance screen for the table.

While maintaining time-sliced tables you have to obey some constraints , for example two time slices should not overlap, end date should be after the beginning day etc. If you tried to implement these controls into maintenance screen ,it would take too much effort. As you may guess , SAP has already provided a clean and handy solution for this concept. In table maintenance screen you can define your maintenance as time dependent with small setting changes. Now let me show these settings one by one.Add start and end date fields to your table which one of them should be in primary keys.

  • Start and end date fields must have certain data element types. These are : BEGDATUM,VIM_BEGDA and BEGDA for beginning day ; ENDATUM,VIM_ENDDA and ENDDA for end date. You can find the related SAP document here.


  • Create your table maintenance as usual.
  • After creation, click Environment->Generate Time-Dep button to put some extra features to time-sliced maintenance screen.


  • Now you will see extra “Expand<->Collapse” and “Delimit” buttons. First button is used to collapse and expand all the time slices belong to a unique record.Second “Delimit” button expects you to select a row of table and provides creating a new time slice between the selected records start and end dates. Besides this, it terminates selected record with the date you enter and creates a new record which has an initial date the date you enter plus one.



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