custom program to transport requests from source to target system

According to your company’s needs you can put some controls on transportation of requests. For example you may have quality, pre-production and production systems. And among these systems you can put some checks in order to prevent mistransportations. Or you may want your requests to be transported once , because retransportation of a request may lead to overriding problems.
For these reasons you can implement your custom transportation tool ,using STMS functionality. First step can be to determine system groups that the requests will be transported. It is obvious that these system groups will have names like ‘quality systems’ ,’pre-production systems’ and ‘production systems’ .Again if you are managing multi-company SAP systems you can put your SAP systems under system groups.
Then selecting the target system from a navigation you can transport your request checking the predefined conditions.
Now i will just give a template program with some key functions in order to implement the your own transportation strategy of your company.


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