Month: July 2015

call table maintenance screen with filters

After creating a table maintenance, you create a corresponding custom transaction which provides the user to maintain your table with SM30/SM31/SM34. What would you do , if you want the users to navigate this transaction from another custom program lets say from a dialog screen. The answer is easy. You would put a button of your programs ALV toolbar or PF-STATUS of a screen. Then implement a callback/user-command which is calling CALL TRANSACTION ‘ZTCODE’ command.

trick to open more SAP sessions then restricted number and multiple logons with the same user

SAP prevents users to open a limited number of sessions at the same time and gives ‘The maximum number of external sessions has been reached’ warning. Besides if someone opens a session and tries to logon again, it gives ‘Note that multiple logons to the production system using the same user ID are not part of the SAP licence agreement’ warning.

lock transaction just for the same user

Recently our client reported that some ABAP reports are retriggered by the same user many times which leads to memory and CPU leaks in SAP system. They have also stated that from functional perspective these reports could be executed by different users at the same time but not by the same user. This fact prevented me from consuming standart SAP Lock Objects(E*) as their usual usage is putting business locks on object level, not user level.