call table maintenance screen with filters

After creating a table maintenance, you create a corresponding custom transaction which provides the user to maintain your table with SM30/SM31/SM34 . What would you do , if you want the users to navigate this transaction from another custom program lets say from a dialog screen. The answer is easy. You would put a button of your programs ALV toolbar or PF-STATUS of a screen. Then implement a callback/user-command which is calling CALL TRANSACTION ‘ZTCODE’ command.

Till this step eveything seems fine. What if you dont want to show all old data but a restricted data for example just the user’s company code’s data. It is for sure that your custom table have company code (BUKRS) field in that case. Now only thing you should do is calling VIEW_MAINTENANCE_CALL with right parameters.

For example below subroutine opens the Z_TABLE’s maintenance screen filtered with 1000 company code.

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