add large number of requests to another system queue

As you may know if you have configured SAP system routes in STMS correctly and requests are given the correct target system (either Target system or Target group), then each released requests will automatically transported to next target destinaiton in your transpor route. For example in a SAP landscape with Development->Quality->PrePoduction->Production configuration, a released Development request will be ready to be imported in Quality system.
However due to some reasons Quality/Preproduction/Production systems will be added after many requests had been released in development system. Then you need to add each request to these target systems manually by following Extras->Other Request->Add menu path. But what will be the option when there are hundreds of requests. This case you can use request forwarding functionality in STMS. Here is how to carry out this requirement.

  • Select all request that you will forward , for this first press F6 while selecting begin of list then press F6 again while selecting end of list.
  • Afterwards follow Request->Forward->System menu path
  • Check your requests in your target system queue

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