Month: September 2015

move a file from server path to local path and vice versa

In move a file in SAP directories(AL11) from source path to target path post i have tried to explain, how a file could be transported from one SAP server path to another SAP server path. Lately one of my friend asked me how to transport from a local path to SAP server path. I directly suggested CG3Y and CG3Z transactions. But as it was a BW system these transactions were not existing in their SAP component.

setup of Eclipse environment for ABAP

After Sap Netweaver As Abap 7.31, ABAP in Eclipse environment is available. Thanks to this support, rich features of Eclipse IDE would be used by ABAP’ers. Actually this is a historic step coming after HANA technology. Eclipse IDE merges development workbench for all SAP related environments into one stable place. Now lets setup and configure this powerful tool for ABAP and HANA.

stop background job if there is an already running job with the same name

SAP does not provide a functionality to prevent dublicate background job scheduling. Therefore if you schedule a background job more frequent than the run time of background job, there will be surely dublicate jobs running parallely. In order to prevent this i have written a check routine inside of my ABAP program that stops the program when there is an already running job with the same name.