setup of Eclipse environment for ABAP

After Sap Netweaver As Abap 7.31, ABAP in Eclipse environment is available. Thanks to this support, rich features of Eclipse IDE would be used by ABAP’ers. Actually this is a historic step coming after HANA technology. Eclipse IDE merges development workbench for all SAP related environments into one stable place. Now lets setup and configure this powerful tool for ABAP and HANA.

  • First check if your ABAP server version supports Eclipse. In any SAP screen go to System->Status menu path. Then check version like below screen.
  • Now download Eclipse Luna package which supports SAP HANA Development,ABAP Development and SAP HANA modelling at the same time.Download latest release from . This downloaded Eclipse IDE is pure without any plugin for SAP.
    Note that this is a standalone setup , so you do not have to install it into Windows.You can directly use it like a portable software.
  • In order to use Eclipse for ABAP and HANA, you have to install required plugins. For this open Eclipse IDE, go Help->Install New Software and type into ‘Work with’ area. Then check at least ABAP Development Tools for SAP Netweaver and ABAP Development Tools for SAP HANA components.
  • It came to add SAP systems that we are using into Eclipse as ABAP projects for ABAP development and system for HANA Modelling.For developing ABAP on HANA, open SAP HANA Development perspective from Window->Open Perspective->SAP HANA Development
    For developing ABAP on Netweaver open ABAP perspective from Window->Open Perspective->ABAP
    For modeling and administrating HANA, open SAP HANA Modeller from Window->Open Perspective->SAP HANA Modeller


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