Month: February 2016

number range ‘Deletion only possible if status is initial’ error

Lately i was asked to change beginning number of a number range interval. The client wanted to modify “From number” in an interval of a number range object. However she could not change it because of “Lower limit can only be changed during initial entry” error. SAP does not allow changing it because “Current Number” is already increased. Therefore i had to delete the interval directly, but i again get an error saying that “Deletion only possible if status is initial”.

how to find the SPRO node of a standard table and related transport requests

For instance you found the name of a custominizg table and want to know how your customization is done via SPRO. Moreover you could be looking for cusotmizing requests that you have taken to transport your customizations. In fact for a functional consultant the reverse is more probably on the other hand ABAP’ers have more technical perspective therefore this post will be helpful for them.

exclude SAP_ALL while doing authority check

Recently i have completed an ABAP program which is aimed to be used in development and test systems not in production system. But i wanted to authorize a small group of people to execute this program so i have decided to create a role and assign this role to the related group of people. Unfortunately as SAP_ALL profile includes all authorization objects, and all users have SAP_ALL profile in development and test systems, I have got stuck here.