Month: March 2016

identify root cause for DDIC inconsistency related runtime errors

Everybody in SAP has faced with a partly active table which causes ST22 dumps in the system. Some of the Runtime Errors which is caused by ABAP object inconsistencies are listed below. As you can see most of them have a description containing DDIC string (Data Dictionary). But actually these incosistencies in data dictionary objects not only effects themselfes but also causes ABAP Program Library objects to throw Runtime Errors.

The package cannot be deleted because it still contains objects

Recently i was making a cleansing project for ABAP codes in the system. Firstly i wanted to delete unused packages in the system. I have discovered some packages that does not contain any object. However when i tried to delete the package SAP gave “The package cannot be deleted because it still contains objects” error. Searching web, i have noticed that there can be orphaned objects which had beed deleted or exposed to package assignment change but has still an existing object direct entry in TADIR.