identify root cause for DDIC inconsistency related runtime errors

Everybody in SAP has faced with a partly active table which causes ST22 dumps in the system. Some of the Runtime Errors which is caused by ABAP object inconsistencies are listed below. As you can see most of them have a description containing DDIC string (Data Dictionary). But actually these incosistencies in data dictionary objects not only effects themselfes but also causes ABAP Program Library objects to throw Runtime Errors.



In order to identify the problem and take an action, looking into ST22 log could be enough many times. But there are cases which we can not mean the real cause of these runtime errors. For such cases SAP has provided an awesome transaction named RSDDCHECK. In these report you can identify the problem according to 3 criteria.


  • Individual Object
    You can give the table/structure name that causes the errors
  • All objects Belonging to Program or Class
    You can provide the ABAP Program/function module main program/ class
  • Runtime Errors
    You can filter with ST22 dumps according to most frequent search criteria

Executing report , all hierarchy of the provided objects will be searched and will be checked for consistency. And incorrect objects will be listed in a hierarchy tree.



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