Month: April 2016

mass change of SAP users’ passwords

Recently we need to change thousands of SAP users’ passwords. Firstly we have checked for a standard way of doing this. If you want to do mass user operations, SU10 is the right way for doing this. With SU10 either you select your user list according to a criteria or you can manually add your user list in table control format(hard to copy all users). You can do many user operations like locking/unlocking users ,initializing passwords, delete users etc. with SU10. Although you can also initialize user’s passwords to SAP generated value, there is no way to set paswords to a default value and prevent it from changing when the user logon for the first time.

DBIF_RSQL_INVALID_RSQL runtime error and implementation of SAP suggested solution

For select-options type selection-scren inputs, user can provide mass values to LOW section of select-option. For example you can give thousands of values to a select-option. Most of the time you use your selection screen parameters in your ABAP program to query the database. However while convertinq OPEN/SQL to native SQL there is a limitation with SQL statement size because “WHERE field IN select-option” part of the query increases the statement size for large number of values of the select-options .