Month: May 2016

display xml format in debugger

In convert ABAP internal table into XML format post we saw hot to convert ABAP internal table to XML format. Now think that you are working on a XML data format in your ABAP program, you may want to see current XML data in a specific variable. For this you should follow below steps.

convert ABAP internal table into XML format

XML is a very commonly used data format in ABAP development. There are many utility classes, programs and function modules to operate with XML data format. However the most critical one seems to converting ABAP internal table into XML format. ABAP has a unique keyword for this purpose. It has the following usage. Here lt_itab is the internal table and lv_xml is the XSTRING type.

DYNPRO_FIELD_CONVERSION occurs in dialog screen

This type of runtime error occurs when dictionary element and screen element do not match each other. For instance you have a 5-digit length integer variable in your program and you define 3 digit screen element, that will cause a short dump in SAP system. Because the system will try to cast variable but can not as it is over the casting limit.