As you may already know SAP keeps track of table content changes if you switch on ‘Log Data Changes’ option in table technical settings. Here you can see how to activate this small but effective checkbox for database tables.


[su_tooltip style=”dark” content=”standard table”]DBTABLOG [/su_tooltip] is the main object to hold log changes for all logged database tables. However the records are kept in raw format in LOGDATA field. Therefore you have to make some conversion so that you can obtain the tables’ fields. Another very important field in DBTABLOG is OPTYPE which represent operation type applied to the table record. For OPTYPE field domain values are: ‘D’ which means Delete, ‘I’ which means Insert, whereas ‘U’ means Update.
In the light of this information i have written an ABAP program to extract update logs of a selected table in the determined period. You could adjust this program with many variations.



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