check transport request for any ABAP Test Cockpit variant

We take advantage of ABAP Test Cockpit in order to optimize our ABAP programs and other objects. We know that ATC can be done via SE80 with right clicking object and Check->ATC with option menu path. However if we want to control objects under a transport request and we dont want to check each object if there are many objects under the transport request, there are two alternatives for executing an ATC check over a transport request.

  1. Go to SE80 and click Transport Organizer on the left menu. There you will see ‘All modifiable request from’ selected user. Right clicking request, you can do your check with Check->ATC with menu.
  2. Go to SCII , select your request/task and giving any predefined ATC variant or creating a temporary ATC variant you can execute ATC check upon a transport request

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