EXPORT_TOO_MUCH_DATA runtime exception

When you want to pass data between different programs you make use of EXPORT/IMPORT FROM/TO MEMORY commands of ABAP. Unfortunately there is a limit for the size of data transferred with this command. I suppose it can be configured but for the SAP system i am working it is 2GB. Therefore when you want to pass an internal tables with many records there is a chance to exceed this limit and when it pass over the limit the program terminates with a EXPORT_TOO_MUCH_DATA exception and has a short text “Too much data for export”.

After diagnosing the cause there are a couple of solutions to apply. For me the most applicable is to distribute data into different MEMORY ID’s or to restrict the user to populate less data.I am not sure if the size can be increased, but if possible basis team can handle it with that way.

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