text search in IDA ALV on an SAP system where HANA is a secondary database

Integrated Data Access is an improvement for ALV controls where you can use ALV attributes with high performance focus. I am trying to say if you are using HANA as your database then you have a chance to use ALV with very fast sorting/grouping/filtering facilities using HANA’s stack. SAP names this enhanced ALV tool as IDA and most of the features and coding are very familiar with object oriented ALV coding of ABAP. But there is more in IDA. Now i will share a demo program which makes use of this extra functionality. IDA can do a text search using similarity of the string. Another trick in this demo is when your system uses HANA as a secondary database( HANA is synchronized from your main database and works as a reporting tool), then you have to send your HANA connection name with SADL_DBCON parameter to the IDA class . This ABAP program searches material texts in the SAP system according to your search criteria with 90 percent similarity factor.



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