CX_SY_DYNAMIC_OSQL_SEMANTICS exception while using HANA as secondary database

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Let’s start with the long text of this runtime error caused by usage of a non-transparent table.
The current ABAP program attempted to execute an Open SQL statement containing a dynamic entry. The parser returned the following error: “If “CONNECTION” addition is used, the the table “CDPOS” must be transparent.

As you can notice the ABAP or HANA interpreter does not allow non-transparent table usage with HANA connection and CDPOS is a cluster table. On the other hand as CDPOS is a high volumed table we had a requirement to use this table with our precious HANA. This lead me to find a work around solution. First i have tried usage of CDS views but it was useless the same runtime occured. Then I shifted to Native SQL solution which perfectly works for my case. I guess ADBC method could also be appliable because ADBC uses the same mechanism to reach HANA.



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