Category: ABAP

generate HTML output from SMARTFORM and send it as email body

There was a standard process in our system which sends a text as the body of a mail, after a certain operation is completed. For this program a change had been done so that the program could send a custom SMARTFORM as a PDF attachment beside to the text body. This change had been done as a repair in a program. So far so good, everything was working fine.

ADBC usage with HANA as a secondary database

“ADBC is an API for the Native SQL interface of the AS ABAP that is based on ABAP Objects. The ADBC methods can be used to pass Native SQL statements to the database interface”. It was a definition from SAP Help. It is obvious that ADBC can be used ABAP on HANA systems. I think there are very few advantages of ADBC method but on the other hand many disadvantages that demotivates to use.

test your SQL statement before using it in your ABAP program

For a long time i thought that there is a missing SQL console feature integrated in SAP functionality. With ABAP 7.4 and usage of Eclipse as IDE, SAP succeded to fulfill this gap with new Eclipse SQL Console. Actually before this feature, there was a similar feature that we could use for the same aim. Therefore i wanted to write down both options so that you can pick one of the suitable one for you.

change code inspector error types in other words message priorities

Code inspector provides a set of configuration which are customizable. You can either include or exclude any standard or custom check into your variant. By doing this you can prevent certaion types of checks in your ABAP programs. The only place to customize your variant is SCI. However there is a hidden customization where you can also set priority for the standard and custom checks. Go through the following steps to switch code inspector check priorities so that you could for example prevent a transport request to be released because it is consisted of an object with an error statused check.