check transport request for any ABAP Test Cockpit variant

We take advantage of ABAP Test Cockpit in order to optimize our ABAP programs and other objects. We know that ATC can be done via SE80 with right clicking object and Check->ATC with option menu path. However if we want to control objects under a transport request and we dont want to check each object if there are many objects under the transport request, there are two alternatives for executing an ATC check over a transport request.

display XML data in screen

There are cases where the users want to see XML data in SAP screen. For this aim SAP has provided a couple of function modules under SDIXML . I have used SDIXML_XML_TO_DOM and SDIXML_DOM_TO_SCREEN in my sample.Because I had an internal table that can be converted to XML format as described in convert ABAP internal table to XML format post. And finally i wanted to show this XML in screen.

convert ABAP internal table into XML format

XML is a very commonly used data format in ABAP development. There are many utility classes, programs and function modules to operate with XML data format. However the most critical one seems to converting ABAP internal table into XML format. ABAP has a unique keyword for this purpose. It has the following usage. Here lt_itab is the internal table and lv_xml is the XSTRING type.

DYNPRO_FIELD_CONVERSION occurs in dialog screen

This type of runtime error occurs when dictionary element and screen element do not match each other. For instance you have a 5-digit length integer variable in your program and you define 3 digit screen element, that will cause a short dump in SAP system. Because the system will try to cast variable but can not as it is over the casting limit.

identify root cause for DDIC inconsistency related runtime errors

Everybody in SAP has faced with a partly active table which causes ST22 dumps in the system. Some of the Runtime Errors which is caused by ABAP object inconsistencies are listed below. As you can see most of them have a description containing DDIC string (Data Dictionary). But actually these incosistencies in data dictionary objects not only effects themselfes but also causes ABAP Program Library objects to throw Runtime Errors.

The package cannot be deleted because it still contains objects

Recently i was making a cleansing project for ABAP codes in the system. Firstly i wanted to delete unused packages in the system. I have discovered some packages that does not contain any object. However when i tried to delete the package SAP gave “The package cannot be deleted because it still contains objects” error. Searching web, i have noticed that there can be orphaned objects which had beed deleted or exposed to package assignment change but has still an existing object direct entry in TADIR.