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how to find the SPRO node of a standard table and related transport requests

For instance you found the name of a custominizg table and want to know how your customization is done via SPRO. Moreover you could be looking for cusotmizing requests that you have taken to transport your customizations. In fact for a functional consultant the reverse is more probably on the other hand ABAP’ers have more technical perspective therefore this post will be helpful for them.

find biggest number for a certain business object

SAP users need certain critical information about SAP objects while extracting data with reports. For example today one ask me what is the biggest number for installation object in SAP. First i know that installation main data is hold in EANL with the key of ANLAGE field. But how to determine the biggest number for an installation. Actually there are many ways.

device management transaction codes

5 / 5 ( 1 vote ) SAP IS-U is SAP’s Industry specific solution for Utilities Industry.And Device Management is one of core modules of ISU package. Here you can find a list of all Device Management transactions. EG01 Create…