navigating to ABAP editor for related code line

Recently i have needed an ABAP program which reports ABAP programs with the related code line. My intention was catching Select sql statements without in connection keyword. By this means i had aimed to find all select statements which are selecting from HANA replicated tables but has no HANA connection.

lock transaction just for the same user

Recently our client reported that some ABAP reports are retriggered by the same user many times which leads to memory and CPU leaks in SAP system. They have also stated that from functional perspective these reports could be executed by different users at the same time but not by the same user. This fact prevented me from consuming standart SAP Lock Objects(E*) as their usual usage is putting business locks on object level, not user level.

number of distinct values for an SAP table

As you all know SAP provides a direct way to query database by ABAP programs. However sometimes we don’t have a chance to transport ABAP programs easily.On the other hand we have to write database queries in SAP to get complicated calculations. (Nowadays HANA provides SQL editor for this purpose)

SAP HANA as a secondary database

After SAP has introduced HANA , i could finally had a chance to explore it. As a soft switch to HANA technology , companies can make use of HANA as a second database. Because it will not bring too much effort to switch HANA but will gain many profit. Following are the reasons why i think HANA as a secondary database is very efficient.

‘SQL error 60 when accessing table’ run time error

You can see this type of run time errors under DBIF_RSQL_SQL_ERROR. The main cause for this run time error is database system goes into deadlock situation while waiting resource. A deadlock situation occurs if a database transaction is blocked when it requests a database lock but it already has another lock. I know this explanation is very complicated. Now I will try to explain this with a simple example i have experienced lately.