consume REST oauth service from ABAP – with access token consume REST service with JSON data – part 2

In consume REST oauth service from ABAP – get access token in order to call main webservice – part 1 post, i had tried to explain how a key required by REST services can be obtained. In this step i will make use of this generated key so that i can call my real service. Here all i have to do is creating the body part of my JSON data, the rest is again using right methods of cl_http_client. After consuming service the response from the server will be processed and siutable message will be returned.

consume REST oauth service from ABAP – get access token in order to call main webservice – part 1

I have heard many things about REST, oauth, JSON and all these things. Finally i have to meet these terms this week. There was a third party tool which is provding a REST service and i have to consume it with ABAP. Interestingly i learnt that there is not any Enterprise Service infrastructure in order to call REST services. Therefore i had to use HTTP service objects within ABAP program library. cl_http_client is the main class for REST services. Calling a REST service is consist of two parts. In this post i will focust on the first part. It is getting access token which is required to successfully make main webservice and this is the second poart of REST service.

The package cannot be deleted because it still contains objects

Recently i was making a cleansing project for ABAP codes in the system. Firstly i wanted to delete unused packages in the system. I have discovered some packages that does not contain any object. However when i tried to delete the package SAP gave “The package cannot be deleted because it still contains objects” error. Searching web, i have noticed that there can be orphaned objects which had beed deleted or exposed to package assignment change but has still an existing object direct entry in TADIR.

number range ‘Deletion only possible if status is initial’ error

Lately i was asked to change beginning number of a number range interval. The client wanted to modify “From number” in an interval of a number range object. However she could not change it because of “Lower limit can only be changed during initial entry” error. SAP does not allow changing it because “Current Number” is already increased. Therefore i had to delete the interval directly, but i again get an error saying that “Deletion only possible if status is initial”.

setup of Eclipse environment for ABAP

After Sap Netweaver As Abap 7.31, ABAP in Eclipse environment is available. Thanks to this support, rich features of Eclipse IDE would be used by ABAP’ers. Actually this is a historic step coming after HANA technology. Eclipse IDE merges development workbench for all SAP related environments into one stable place. Now lets setup and configure this powerful tool for ABAP and HANA.

add large number of requests to another system queue

As you may know if you have configured SAP system routes in STMS correctly and requests are given the correct target system (either Target system or Target group), then each released requests will automatically transported to next target destinaiton in your transpor route. For example in a SAP landscape with Development->Quality->PrePoduction->Production configuration, a released Development request will be ready to be imported in Quality system.

trick to open more SAP sessions then restricted number and multiple logons with the same user

SAP prevents users to open a limited number of sessions at the same time and gives ‘The maximum number of external sessions has been reached’ warning. Besides if someone opens a session and tries to logon again, it gives ‘Note that multiple logons to the production system using the same user ID are not part of the SAP licence agreement’ warning.