number of distinct values for an SAP table

As you all know SAP provides a direct way to query database by ABAP programs. However sometimes we don’t have a chance to transport ABAP programs easily.On the other hand we have to write database queries in SAP to get complicated calculations. (Nowadays HANA provides SQL editor for this purpose)

custom program to transport requests from source to target system

According to your company’s needs you can put some controls on transportation of requests. For example you may have quality, pre-production and production systems. And among these systems you can put some checks in order to prevent mistransportations. Or you may want your requests to be transported once , because retransportation of a request may lead to overriding problems.

OPEN DATASET returns with sy-subrc 8

2.7 / 5 ( 4 votes ) Using multi server for SAP systems bring with many problems that is hard to find.ICM_HTTP_CONNECTION_FAILED was one of these errors whose reason is directly dependent¬†with server name. error causes from a similar behaviour…

SRT: Processing error in Internet Communication Framework: (“ICF Error when receiving the response: ICM_HTTP_CONNECTION_FAILED”)

While integrating two systems SAP to SAP or non-SAP to SAP, you can frequently see ICM_HTTP_CONNECTION_FAILED error in webservice monitoring transactions like SXMB_MONI,SRT_UTIL or SBGRFCMON according to integration type. This error mostly caused by lack of access rights between two systems. For example your SAP system related port which is accessed by message sender system must be opened by network team.

EOIO for sender ABAP proxy, namely create queue for outbound asynchronous messages

For inbound messages coming to our SAP system ,we can make SAP/XI to put messages in serialized queues by configuring QOS parameter of communication channel objects on SAP/XI system. Thanks to this ability, messages coming to SAP from external systems are processed in order after reaching SAP. Arriving messages are processed in SMQ2 queues with the name that had been determined in SAP/XI.

execution of a dialog step

Do you wonder how an SAP dialog step is executed.That is when you push a button on a screen or when you call an RFC based webservice, the following steps are executed and response is returned either to GUI or to external client.