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check transport request for any ABAP Test Cockpit variant

We take advantage of ABAP Test Cockpit in order to optimize our ABAP programs and other objects. We know that ATC can be done via SE80 with right clicking object and Check->ATC with option menu path. However if we want to control objects under a transport request and we dont want to check each object if there are many objects under the transport request, there are two alternatives for executing an ATC check over a transport request.

trigger email send immediately without SOST

If you have read send email with attachment from an ABAP program post you will see how to send a mail with an attachment. Using SAP mail server and Business Communication Service namely CL_BCS we can send mails from SAP. These sent mails drop into a pool and wait to be executed by a background program. You can monitor all mails and communication related requests in SOST . The background job that executes waiting request according to period configuration by basis team. Duration period can be 15 minutes or 1 hour or any custom number according to your companys need.

mass change of SAP users’ passwords

Recently we need to change thousands of SAP users’ passwords. Firstly we have checked for a standard way of doing this. If you want to do mass user operations, SU10 is the right way for doing this. With SU10 either you select your user list according to a criteria or you can manually add your user list in table control format(hard to copy all users). You can do many user operations like locking/unlocking users ,initializing passwords, delete users etc. with SU10. Although you can also initialize user’s passwords to SAP generated value, there is no way to set paswords to a default value and prevent it from changing when the user logon for the first time.

identify root cause for DDIC inconsistency related runtime errors

Everybody in SAP has faced with a partly active table which causes ST22 dumps in the system. Some of the Runtime Errors which is caused by ABAP object inconsistencies are listed below. As you can see most of them have a description containing DDIC string (Data Dictionary). But actually these incosistencies in data dictionary objects not only effects themselfes but also causes ABAP Program Library objects to throw Runtime Errors.

The package cannot be deleted because it still contains objects

Recently i was making a cleansing project for ABAP codes in the system. Firstly i wanted to delete unused packages in the system. I have discovered some packages that does not contain any object. However when i tried to delete the package SAP gave “The package cannot be deleted because it still contains objects” error. Searching web, i have noticed that there can be orphaned objects which had beed deleted or exposed to package assignment change but has still an existing object direct entry in TADIR.

number range ‘Deletion only possible if status is initial’ error

Lately i was asked to change beginning number of a number range interval. The client wanted to modify “From number” in an interval of a number range object. However she could not change it because of “Lower limit can only be changed during initial entry” error. SAP does not allow changing it because “Current Number” is already increased. Therefore i had to delete the interval directly, but i again get an error saying that “Deletion only possible if status is initial”.

how to find the SPRO node of a standard table and related transport requests

For instance you found the name of a custominizg table and want to know how your customization is done via SPRO. Moreover you could be looking for cusotmizing requests that you have taken to transport your customizations. In fact for a functional consultant the reverse is more probably on the other hand ABAP’ers have more technical perspective therefore this post will be helpful for them.