Category: SAP HANA

ADBC usage with HANA as a secondary database

“ADBC is an API for the Native SQL interface of the AS ABAP that is based on ABAP Objects. The ADBC methods can be used to pass Native SQL statements to the database interface”. It was a definition from SAP Help. It is obvious that ADBC can be used ABAP on HANA systems. I think there are very few advantages of ADBC method but on the other hand many disadvantages that demotivates to use.

setup of Eclipse environment for ABAP

After Sap Netweaver As Abap 7.31, ABAP in Eclipse environment is available. Thanks to this support, rich features of Eclipse IDE would be used by ABAP’ers. Actually this is a historic step coming after HANA technology. Eclipse IDE merges development workbench for all SAP related environments into one stable place. Now lets setup and configure this powerful tool for ABAP and HANA.

navigating to ABAP editor for related code line

Recently i have needed an ABAP program which reports ABAP programs with the related code line. My intention was catching Select sql statements without in connection keyword. By this means i had aimed to find all select statements which are selecting from HANA replicated tables but has no HANA connection.

number of distinct values for an SAP table

As you all know SAP provides a direct way to query database by ABAP programs. However sometimes we don’t have a chance to transport ABAP programs easily.On the other hand we have to write database queries in SAP to get complicated calculations. (Nowadays HANA provides SQL editor for this purpose)