mass change of SAP users’ passwords

Recently we need to change thousands of SAP users’ passwords. Firstly we have checked for a standard way of doing this. If you want to do mass user operations, SU10 is the right way for doing this. With SU10 either you select your user list according to a criteria or you can manually add your user list in table control format(hard to copy all users). You can do many user operations like locking/unlocking users ,initializing passwords, delete users etc. with SU10. Although you can also initialize user’s passwords to SAP generated value, there is no way to set paswords to a default value and prevent it from changing when the user logon for the first time.

exclude SAP_ALL while doing authority check

Recently i have completed an ABAP program which is aimed to be used in development and test systems not in production system. But i wanted to authorize a small group of people to execute this program so i have decided to create a role and assign this role to the related group of people. Unfortunately as SAP_ALL profile includes all authorization objects, and all users have SAP_ALL profile in development and test systems, I have got stuck here.

line authorization for table maintenance with S_TABU_LIN authorization object

As you may all know, authorization for maintenance of tables can be controlled by Authorization Group variable which can be edit while generating maintenance screen for the table. This assigned authorization group is checked by S_TABU_DIS. Unfortunately this type of authorization check only prevents/allows full table access. What if you want to prevent/allow line access for tables. This time you need some authorization breakdown according to a column in your table. After some research i have found that S_TABU_LIN can serve for this purpose.

sap trace tools

5 / 5 ( 1 vote ) SAP has many online tracing tools which help consultants to investigate possible issues in the system.Now i will order a  brief list of SAP monitoring tools and their basis purpose. SQL Trace:  Start,…