display xml format in debugger

In convert ABAP internal table into XML format post we saw hot to convert ABAP internal table to XML format. Now think that you are working on a XML data format in your ABAP program, you may want to see current XML data in a specific variable. For this you should follow below steps.

debugging active and finished background jobs

As you know SM37 shows status, logs and many information about background jobs. What about run time information of already executed background job or an active job? For example which select-options or parameters are selected in background selection screen with which values. Of course the easiest way is to debug the related program somehow. Here we can separate the case to two conditions. First one is active jobs and the second one is finished jobs.

find BADI’s with debugging

As describes in earlier post , any customer-exit including BADI which is formerly implemented can be found by debugging standard SAP code. For unimplemented BADI’s there are other alternatives to find BADI implementation points. From this alternatives i mostly prefer debugging. Let me put in order the items required to determine places to implement BADI’s.

find implemented user-exits, BADI’s or enhancements with New Debugger Scripting

While dealing with standard code , you may want to know every custom code formerly implemented for a particular transaction. We know that custom code embedded in a standard code means a custom function or report called dynamically , a BADI or enhancement implementation or finally an user-exit implementation. To summarize a program or include or function module starting with Z letter is called.

ABAP runtime analysis alternatives

There are many ways of triggering ABAP runtime analysis. I will try to mention each of them according to their usage way and simplicity. First and the most attractive way is using SAP’s new debugger tool. While executing a transaction…

activate external breakpoints in sap system

In order to activate external debugging there are two ways.From SE80, open Utilities->ABAP Editor->Debugging , then enter username that you want to debug externally( it must be a dialog user) . After this click External break-point button in your ABAP editor where you want to put your break-point.