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trick to open more SAP sessions then restricted number and multiple logons with the same user

SAP prevents users to open a limited number of sessions at the same time and gives ‘The maximum number of external sessions has been reached’ warning. Besides if someone opens a session and tries to logon again, it gives ‘Note that multiple logons to the production system using the same user ID are not part of the SAP licence agreement’ warning.

sap tunning area menu

STUN is the area menu for SAP tunning related transaction.By this menu you can reach any transaction code you need about SAP tunning. Workload of SAP system , setup/buffers, operating system monitoring and maintenance ,database administration , exceptions / user…

sap command line codes

Following command line codes are very helpful for everybody that is logging on a SAP system. writing in SAP command line To call a transaction in the same session (window) Enter: /nxxxx (xxxx = transaction code). in the same session…

code templates for ABAP’ers

Like in all programming languages , as ABAP’ers we also need comments for others to better understand our codes . For this reason we always have to write comments starting with *  at begin of lines or ” at anywhere of line.  SAP…

logon SAP without password via saplogon shortcuts

When you have multiple systems in your SAP Logon file, it becomes very hard to keep your passwords and maintain them. For this reason SAP Logon offers a very handy way of keeping passwords for you. You just have to update the changing passwords in your Shortcuts after it expires.But before arranging this you should enable some security settings for Windows.You can do this by writing “regedit” in Windows Run.Then creating a Key named “EnablePassword” set to 1 in path “HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareSAPSAPShortCutSecurity”.