generate HTML output from SMARTFORM and send it as email body

There was a standard process in our system which sends a text as the body of a mail, after a certain operation is completed. For this program a change had been done so that the program could send a custom SMARTFORM as a PDF attachment beside to the text body. This change had been done as a repair in a program. So far so good, everything was working fine.

transport SO10 standard text objects

In smartforms and sapscript technologies standard texts are used for outputting fixed texts like company information, address or other templates. These standard texts are created from SO10 transaction. But when these objects are created , they are not automatically included in transport requests. you have to externally include these objects into workbench requests which should be development correction/repair type request.

convert smartforms into PDF format and download to your local

For print-outs many technologies has been put into service by SAP till today. ABAP’ers in my generation have mostly encountered with SmartForm technology. Before SmartForm there used to be SapScript technology. And nowadays the trend is AdobeForms. My aim in this post is to adapting old technologies to new ones with ABAP coding. Writing this post my real purpose was adding some metadata to PDF outputs while extracting them from SAP systems. For an introduction first i wanted to explain how a SmartForm output can be converted to Adobe’s PDF format.

smartforms formatting options

4 / 5 ( 19 votes ) Sometimes we need to format out texts in smartforms. Here is the list for various text formattion options. &symbol(Z)& Omit Leading Zeros &symbol(S)& Omit Leading Sign &symbol(<)& Display Leading Sign to the Left…