consume REST oauth service from ABAP – with access token consume REST service with JSON data – part 2

In consume REST oauth service from ABAP – get access token in order to call main webservice – part 1 post, i had tried to explain how a key required by REST services can be obtained. In this step i will make use of this generated key so that i can call my real service. Here all i have to do is creating the body part of my JSON data, the rest is again using right methods of cl_http_client. After consuming service the response from the server will be processed and siutable message will be returned.

consume REST oauth service from ABAP – get access token in order to call main webservice – part 1

I have heard many things about REST, oauth, JSON and all these things. Finally i have to meet these terms this week. There was a third party tool which is provding a REST service and i have to consume it with ABAP. Interestingly i learnt that there is not any Enterprise Service infrastructure in order to call REST services. Therefore i had to use HTTP service objects within ABAP program library. cl_http_client is the main class for REST services. Calling a REST service is consist of two parts. In this post i will focust on the first part. It is getting access token which is required to successfully make main webservice and this is the second poart of REST service.

SRT: Processing error in Internet Communication Framework: (“ICF Error when receiving the response: ICM_HTTP_CONNECTION_FAILED”)

While integrating two systems SAP to SAP or non-SAP to SAP, you can frequently see ICM_HTTP_CONNECTION_FAILED error in webservice monitoring transactions like SXMB_MONI,SRT_UTIL or SBGRFCMON according to integration type. This error mostly caused by lack of access rights between two systems. For example your SAP system related port which is accessed by message sender system must be opened by network team.

‘RABAX occurred on server side’ error when calling webservice

As the post name implies this error mostly caused by a syntax error in SAP system which publishes the related webservice. In that case just enter into ABAP Runtime Error transaction. There you will see a detailed explanation about your runtime error. Many reasons can cause syntax errors but as my experience you should mostly suspect about request transportation issues if you come up this error in a target SAP system lets say in Production environment.