ABAP Basics

As this is a programming tradition , we are starting with Hello World demo. While doing this exercise we aimed to discover development environment of an SAPĀ  system.

Although this is an old output format, evey ABAP’er should know how to make use of list programming. After you have experience in reporting tools, you may just use List programs while writing demo programs.

ABAP programs mostly use Data Dictionary objects which makes references for program variables. Yet you can directly make use of ABAP raw types. Besides Data Dictionary objects are defined by these raw types. Then you can make use of Data objects referencing to Data Types.

If you think ABAP like painting, Data Dictionary is the colour toolbox of an ABAP’er. It provides reusable objects to developers. Moreover Data Dictionary provides useful services like where used list, versioning etc. On the other hand it works like a Database Access Layer thanks to Database tables.