Database Table


This object is may be the core object in ABAP development. Since SAP has a 3-tier architecture, every ABAP object is recorded in database tables. There are three main table type which is transparent,cluster and pooled tables. I will mention about cluster and pooled tables in advanced topics. Transparent tables have 7 type of tables(Delivery Class) according to their usage areas, transport attributes etc. However most of these types are for inner usage of SAP company.Just Application table(A) and Customizing table(C) are for our usage.The difference between these two table type is customizing tables hold client-dependent data and can be transported by customizing requests whereas application tables hold cross-client data which could be transported by workbench request. Now i will explain how to create an instance for each table type one in SAPGUI and other in Eclipse environment.

  • Application Table

Database tables are created via SE11 or SE80.If you go through SE11, first you will give name of the application table in Database table input area.


Then follow the below steps.

  1. Write a short description and give Delivery class as ‘A’ meaning application table.
  2. Fill fields of table selecting key fields
  3. Go to technical settings and determine Logical Storage Parameters.
  4. Save and activate table

for Data Class, select
APPL0    Master data, transparent tables
APPL1    Transaction data, transparent tables
APPL2    Organization and customizing
for Size, select
0                0 to        61.000
1           61.000 to       240.000
2          240.000 to       980.000
3          980.000 to     3.900.000
4        3.900.000 to    15.000.000
5       15.000.000 to    31.000.000
6       31.000.000 to    62.000.000
7       62.000.000 to   120.000.000
8      120.000.000 to   250.000.000

  • Customizing Table

To create customizing table i will go thorugh Eclipse environment.(See setup of Eclipse environment for ABAP post.)

First navigate to the package that you will create your database table object. Then right click package and follow New->Other Repository Object path. In next screen type database which will bring below screen. Select Database Table and give name of customizing table name then with finish classical GUI screen will be opened in the right pane.


Then follow the below steps.

  1. Write a short description and give Delivery class as ‘C’ meaning customizing table.
  2. Follow same instructions 2 to 4 for the application table.