Hello World

Before beginning ABAP coding, talking about initial requirements and introducing ABAP development environment would be useful. That means saying Hello to World is not easy.

Initial requirement for ABAP development is to have a developer license key.

After getting developer access key , you have two option to use as your development environment. If your SAP system has SAP_ABA component over 730 then you have an advantage of using Eclipse. Whereas for older releases you have to stick to SAP GUI.

Other features of both SAP GUI and Eclipse environments will be explained in detail in the upcoming sections.

For our ‘Hello World’ program, classical SAP GUI environment can be picked up. In SAP GUI environment SE80 is the fundamental transaction to manage ABAP development objects and workbench environment.

In SE80 you can access any ABAP object using Other Object button or navigating through related development package ( you can access all ABAP objects under a specific package with a tree structure).


Now in order to create your first ABAP program, follow the below steps.

  • In SE80 create Z_HELLO_WORLD in your local workspace( does not require transport request).To do this first navigate to your local workspace by chosing Local Objects from Repository Browser, then give your username and click Display.
You can also use SE38 to directly create ABAP programs..

  • Right Click your local workspace ( $TMP username ) and choose Create->Program, then give Z_HELLO_WORLD as program name , uncheck  with Top INCL option ( this option provides an extra include file to better organiation of ABAP source files) .
  • Chose type ‘Executable Program’ for ABAP report programs.
Include program, Modul Pool, Function group are also most used program types and they will be refered in next sections.
  • Copy following code snippet to your Z_HELLO_WORLD and activate the program



  • Execute your program with F8 or execute function listed by right clicking program tree.
  • You will see the output list of Z_HELLO_WORLD program