local SAP WebIDE setup and configuration

Starting with new SAP development environment SAP Cloud WebIDE has a few drawbacks. First of all network performance problems can dramatically effect your development. Besides your company might not allow you using Cloud WebIDE because of securtiy reasons. For that purposes i highly recommend you to use The Personal Edition of WebIDE. You can download it from https://tools.hana.ondemand.com/#sapui5 . It has trial and productive usage versions. Untill productive usage we are using the Trial one with almost any problem. The only problem was in setup configuration phase. After downloading the files and extract files under C:\SAPWebIDE you also need to configure your destinations under C:\SAPWebIDE\eclipse\config_master\service.destinations\destinations folder.

change code inspector error types in other words message priorities

Code inspector provides a set of configuration which are customizable. You can either include or exclude any standard or custom check into your variant. By doing this you can prevent certaion types of checks in your ABAP programs. The only place to customize your variant is SCI. However there is a hidden customization where you can also set priority for the standard and custom checks. Go through the following steps to switch code inspector check priorities so that you could for example prevent a transport request to be released because it is consisted of an object with an error statused check.

COND, SWITCH, CASE, IF statement comparison

As far as i have discovered new commands coming with ABAP 7.4 (COND,SWITCH), i realized that they have some superiority over the old predecessors considering code repetition. Lately i have started to make use of COND command very often. The reason for that is SWITCH has same usage with CASE but has less code. Likewise COND provides declaring free conditions and accordingly assign a field value therefore has less code than IF. Below i have written very simple sample code for you to easily compare each of these commands.