shift from slis to lvc or vice versa

When we display our lists sometimes we are obliged to use both lvc and slis reports. In this case if the lists are same we dont need to create our field catalog or layout again. We can transfer from one to another by these two special function modules.

text to voice with abap

In ABAP we have the ability to convert texts to speech .In my opinion using this feature applications can be developed for handiccaped people. Adding this features you are going to make SAP system speak. Here is the simple code…

logon SAP without password via saplogon shortcuts

When you have multiple systems in your SAP Logon file, it becomes very hard to keep your passwords and maintain them. For this reason SAP Logon offers a very handy way of keeping passwords for you. You just have to update the changing passwords in your Shortcuts after it expires.But before arranging this you should enable some security settings for Windows.You can do this by writing “regedit” in Windows Run.Then creating a Key named “EnablePassword” set to 1 in path “HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareSAPSAPShortCutSecurity”.

abap parallel processing- strategy – part 1

Whenever i searched for ABAP parallel processing in google, i find many hard to understand samples and in the end i tried different solutions for performance tuning. Finally i decided to work on own solution. Comparing famous solutions ( like counting send_jobs, received jobs, using SPBT_INITIALIZE) , i have tried to simplify the process by just checking system resources and then calling new tasks.