check transport request for any ABAP Test Cockpit variant

We take advantage of ABAP Test Cockpit in order to optimize our ABAP programs and other objects. We know that ATC can be done via SE80 with right clicking object and Check->ATC with option menu path. However if we want to control objects under a transport request and we dont want to check each object if there are many objects under the transport request, there are two alternatives for executing an ATC check over a transport request.

new ALV concept IDA with HANA as secondary database

Discovering IDA recently i like the new interface of ALV with HANA support, however i faced many issues. Day by day i have overcome this issues and now want to share a few of my experiences. Firstly IDA is so fast that it directly reflects HANA experience. Moreoever it provides paging mechanism which divides database load into small pieces .And finally i can summarize that IDA is very useful when you have a CDS view or database view with restricted number of fields to display. Since HANA is column based you have to decrease the number of columns that you request from HANA server.

request description with icon

You may have seen requests with icon on request description and wonder how to make this. This feature arise from the fact that WRITE command forms the related icon when it meets an @ character in ABAP code. Therefore in order to generate an icon for text elements for list screens( with WRITE command) you have to find the character counterpart of the icon. You can find this code in ICON.

LEAVE TO SCREEN 0 does not work in selection screen

Yesterday we discovered a very popular problem by chance. After selection screen we were calling a dialog screen and then with ‘BACK’ button we tried to come back to selection screen. However the program goes to an empty list screen without any element. Soon after with an investigation i have found out that selection screen involves a list screen element which is SKIP n command. I guess this command is misused on behalf of SELECTION-SCREEN SKIP n command.
Therefore there is two alternative to solve this issue.

trigger email send immediately without SOST

If you have read send email with attachment from an ABAP program post you will see how to send a mail with an attachment. Using SAP mail server and Business Communication Service namely CL_BCS we can send mails from SAP. These sent mails drop into a pool and wait to be executed by a background program. You can monitor all mails and communication related requests in SOST . The background job that executes waiting request according to period configuration by basis team. Duration period can be 15 minutes or 1 hour or any custom number according to your companys need.